My name is Amans. I make art.

Who I am

My name is Amans Hönigsperger and I am a freelance artist.

I have always enjoyed applying matter to media but it was not until 1999, when one of my works was "discovered" by chance, that my skills were professionally fostered and nurtured, and whereupon I was hired to do wall- and ceiling paintings at the five-star Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, South Africa.

After a move overseas and a creative pause, the desire to express myself via structured chaos on a variety of media followed as naturally as the spark that fosters inspiration and wild ideas.

I now reside in the lovely town of Brüggen, Germany together with my dog and my husband.


What I do

I primarily use acrylic paint on stretched canvas but I'm always experimenting with different materials.
My main interests lay in contemporary and figurative expression using vibrant colours that imbue life
and dimension into my art. Here's a selection of my favourite pieces.

Where I've been

My work has been seen at these exhibitions:

  1. Open Day, Bad Vilbel, Germany, September 2011
  2. Artists' Christmas Market, Galerie der Alten Mühle, Bad Vilbel, Germany, December 2011 and December 2012
  3. Exhibition "Séraphine", Galerie der Alten Mühle, Bad Vilbel, Germany, February 2013
  4. Themed Exhibition "Stone", Galerie der Alten Mühle, Bad Vilbel, Germany, October 2013
  5. 2. International Fair "ART BRÜGGEN 2019", Brüggen, August 2019

Purchase my work

I would be delighted if my work could enrich your home or your office.
You can support me by visiting my Big Cartel or Etsy stores.

Thanks for stopping by!